SunSp·t is the solo project of Durham, NC Producer/Songwriter/Keyboardist/Drummer/Vocalist Joe MacPhail. 

Why create a solo project? Joe creates different types of music with a greater frequency than can be reasonably reproduced in recording studios without a large financial backing. While many songs are reserved for The Oblations, SunSp·t is a catch-all project for all other songs and ideas to go in a self-recorded format, before they're blown away by the winds of time. As a multi-instrumentalist, SunSp.t provides a place to showcase the “army of Joe’s” sound that would otherwise only be possible through cloning. The songs are a hybrid of instrumental and vocal styles, and upcoming SunSp.t material showcases a unique sound involving a mixture of voice and vocoders, Moog Bass, and all manner of keyboard and percussion sounds. All SunSp.t songs are composed, improvised, recorded, performed, and mixed by Joe MacPhail. 

How do I make the · character on a Mac? Shift, control, 9. 

Where's the music? The first SunSp·t release is entitled Piano Mixtape Vol. 1., this 14-track release focuses on Piano-Funk songs recorded between 2014-2017. Its style is a mixture of Neo-Soul, New Orleans Funk, Parliament Funkadelic, Jimi Hendrix, and old Blues & Soul. Of the four elements, this release is primarily focused on earth & fire. Seasonally, it is strongest during Spring/Summer.

The second SunSp·t release is Piano Mixtape 2: Healing Vibes. These 5 songs were all recorded in 2018. The first two songs were written in 2013, and the other three instrumentals were written in 2018. This album is just single piano takes. It is designed for introspection, meditation, and resolving internal tension. Out of the four elements, this release is focused on air. Seasonally, it is strongest during Fall/Winter.

Do you perform SunSp.t material live? Yes and no. I perform solo shows under SunSp.t, as anything from instrumental piano player to one-man band singer/songwriter/vocoder/keyboardist/foot drummer. For larger bands, SunSp.t Productions acts as a booking agency for three bands I have a strong creative stake in: The Oblations, dreamRoot, and Matt Phillips & The Back Pocket. The Oblations and dreamRoot perform original songs that would be otherwise destined for SunSp.t, and perform version of those songs that are far beyond what I could create solo. If you are looking for a full-band live representation of SunSp.t, The Oblations is your best bet for the SunSp.t Vocal and Rhythm Section emphasis and Blues/Funk/Jazz improvisation, while dreamRoot would be your best bet for a full serving of SunSp.t piano stylings. Send booking inquiries with the subject line ''Music Inquiry - (insert date)(insert desired band)” to